Whether you live in a McMansion that rivals the Taj Mahal or a shoebox-sized fifth-floor walk up, you want to make your space extra special when you are hosting a party. Entertaining friends and family in your new home is such a fun part about being newlyweds. However, it also can be a little intimidating. Here are three simple steps to creating a beautiful and comfortable environment for your guests.

bar tray against wall
martini cocktails

Create separate spaces.

As much as you can within the size of your home, create separate spaces or nooks for your party.  At every party there are guests that range from demure wallflowers to extreme extroverts. Giving a space for a bar cart to grab a cocktail (whether they need a respite or an easy conversation starter), a couple of chairs in the corner for quiet conversation, a counter to converse around, ensures that each guest has a place that makes them feel most at ease.

bouquet of flowers
classic white dishes

Bring the outdoors in.

As summer changes to autumn, we won't be able to leave our windows and patio doors open much longer. So, at your parties bring the outdoors inside in more subtle ways. Serve herbal or citrus cocktails. Display tiny arrangements of fresh flowers or greenery in small vases on your dinner table and around your party.  Line plates that are serving pre-wrapped items (such as chocolate bars or hard candies) with moss.  Use wood and stone elements in your serving dishes.

kitchen entertaining space
pink sweet table

Use "vertical" space.

Don't think of your table or serving counter as just a flat surface to place things on. Use the vertical space, too. Build up with tiered serving dishes, and wooden crates underneath cutting boards.  High cake plates can be used to display anything, from cupcakes to candles.  Not only is all of this layering more visually appealing, it also maximizes the space you have to serve your guests.  Especially if you are short on chairs, sometimes serving a finger-foods buffet is your best option. By utilizing that valuable vertical space you can create a buffet in the middle of a counter or table with enough room for guests to stand around.

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