Various animal and farm-themed stamps, including a chicken and a carrot.
Small purple card with the word "love" written in silver ink on a wooden table.
Small red place card with a guest name written on it and the image of a chicken stamp.
Various handwritten DIY place cards featuring guest names and stamp images.
Close up of one of the handwritten cards, featuring handwritten names and images.
One of the DIY handwritten place cards resting next to a guest plate on a patterned table cloth.

Farm Table Place Cards

These charming place cards will be the perfect touch to a family style farm wedding. Cost is.15 cents per card.


place cards  (in two hues of same color and one contrasting color)

white pen

white ink pad

farm stamps


1. Write each guest's name in white ink.

2. Stamp in the right hand corner.

3. Wait for the ink to dry about 3-4 minutes.

4. Fold place cards.


Make sure to let the ink dry before you fold them and before you stamp.

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