bunting flags from retro fabric

Bunting is one of the easiest DIY decor projects you can make for a wedding.  Depending on how comfortable you are in a craft room and with colors, you can create your own DIY bunting from scratch, or you can buy a kit that has done all of the stitching and color palette work for you (below).  

DIY Tip #1: New to crafts, but want to select your own fabrics?  The easiest way to selecting the perfect collection of fabrics is to have everything match one print.  Head out to your fabric store, and find a print fabric that you love. It should feature all of your wedding colors and the design should reflect the style of your wedding (for example, for a garden wedding pick something floral or botanical, not one with giant clowns).  After you find this print, match other fabrics to it.  Not every fabric has to match each other, but every fabric should complement the main print you have chosen.

pre-made bunting kit
book page garland

Some of the easiest DIY bunting and garlands aren't even made from fabric.  Find pictures from book pages in your color palette, or even old maps.  This map bunting (below) would be perfect for a vintage wedding with lots of pale blues and greens.

paper map bunting

If you like the look of book page garland like this example below, but want to infuse it with a little color, you have a couple of options. You can choose to use something like cut-up wall paper samples or scrapbook paper every few rings. Another choice could be to reprint the book pages on a lightly colored paper.

DIY Tip #2: Don't mix too many mediums.  Pick no more than two styles of bunting and stick to those.  If you have book page garland and fabric bunting and fringed streamers, it's going to look more like a third-grade art classroom than your wedding. They key to making DIY look polished and professional is an editing eye.

book page ring garland
DIY tassel garland

One place to get great DIY bunting ideas? Party blogs aimed at baby showers and kids' birthdays.  If you have muted colors and sweet pastels as your wedding palette, there are so many ideas for you out there!  I love this streamer garland above, and adding a gold or deep cream keeps the pink and blue from looking too juvenile.  These garland cookies (below) would be precious as your own tasty DIY favors.

DIY Tip #3:  When making iced sugar cookies, remember that you should have two different icing consistencies.  The frosting for the flags as well as the outside circle of the cookie should be sturdier. The "flood" icing (what fills in the rest of the yellow, in this example, within the circle) should be slightly thinner.  Make sure to allow the first layer to dry completely before adding the flags.

pastel bunting sugar cookie
bunting decorated gift bag

DIY bunting-inspired projects include all sorts of fun details, from gift bags (above) to some positively festive paper lanterns (below, left).  But I think my favorite has to be this idea for mini-bunting favors in a box.  But, please, don't do this if you have a large guest list.  Otherwise, you'll be having fun in a mental ward rather than at your reception.

DIY Tip #4:  These lanterns are so much fun. To make them really stand out, don't decorate all of your paper lanterns. Instead, use these garland-themed ones as accents against plain ones.  It'll make them all the more impactful in your event space.

bunting favors for a wedding
bunting wrapped paper lantern
table number bunting in centerpiece

Mini-bunting projects are an adorable detail to add to your wedding decor.  Pick fabric or paper that showcase your beautifully pale wedding colors on a smaller scale.  You can then use them to reveal your table numbers (above), adorn your cake (below) or wrap around the backs of chairs (far below).

DIY Tip #5:  The smaller the flags, the smaller the scale of the prints you use.  Small scale prints feature tiny patterns, rather than large images that you would otherwise only see a small portion of. For example, if you chose a large floral pattern for this tiny cake topper bunting, you would only see a bit of one petal.

pastel vintage bunting cake topper
simple DIY washi tape bunting

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