I made four fabric flower fascinators (say that five times fast!) out of leftover material from my wedding dress. Three of them are for my two sisters and sister-in-law to wear at the wedding. The last one I'm keeping as a neat memento, and will wear some other time (I already have a big blue fascinator for the wedding). Here's the quick 'n' dirty tutorial on how to make these easy but gorgeous fascinators.

What you will need:

* fabric

* scissors

* a candle

* matches/lighter

* needle and thread

* felt

* hair clip

* beads

* and a glue gun (optional)

1. Cut out circles of varying sizes from your fabric.

2. Hold each circle over a candle flame and slowly rotate it as the edge puckers. Here's what mine looked like when I was finished playing with fire:


3. Cut a small piece of white felt into a circle or teardrop shape. This is your backing.

4. Sew the layers together onto the felt, and add the beads at the same time. Here's what mine looked like:


5. Attach the hair clip to the back of the felt base: you can sew it or use a glue gun.


Final product:


I'm not super crafty, so these were easy to make. They're pretty quick, too: if you have all the materials gathered together, I bet you could knock one out in 20-30 mins.

ABOUT JOANNA K: Joanna's boyfriend proposed to her on New Year's Eve. They both live in Toronto, but he's from Mexico and she's from Vancouver. They're going to try the impossible: avoid a big fat Catholic wedding (neither of them practices a religion, though his older relatives are practicing Catholics) and keep costs down, while still having a big ol' party!