Oh, how we love Frolic! Chelsea's daily inspiration blog is always chock-full of pretty ideas that feel effortless and chic. So, we're so happy that she'll be posting DIY projects that easy to do while packing a big punch.

DIY ribbon flag accented save the date wedding stationery.
Set the tone for a fun, lighthearted wedding with a flag Save The Date! These cute little flags are pretty simple to make and your guests will love receiving them in the mail! Total cost: $1.50

DIY supplies, including scissors, ribbon and flag sticks.
Computer and a program like Word or Illustrator
Card stock
Skewer Sticks (found at a grocery store)
1 yard of Ribbon (ours is from Michael's Crafts)
X-acto knife
Cutting mat
Straight edge or ruler
A4 envelope
Small hole punch (optional)

1. Create the graphic on a computer. We used Illustrator but Word works just fine. We created a 3" by 5" triangle. We used the following fonts:

The cursive font is called 'Learning Curve Pro'
download here: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Learning-Curve-Pro

Ruby + Max font is called 'BonvenoCF' light
download here: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/BonvenoCF

Numbers font is 'Quicksand' light
download here: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/Quicksand

We created a dotted line and places for the holes as part of the design to make the rest of the process easier.

2. We printed the design on card stock at Kinkos but if you have a color printer you could use that too.

DIY cutting, measuring and creating the save the date design.
3. Cut the flag out on a cutting mat with an X-acto knife. Use the straight edge to make it easier.

4. Make two holes for the skewer with the X-acto knife or a small hole punch.

5. Push the skewer through and trim the stick to fit in the envelope.

6. Cut the ribbon in half and add a ribbon knot at each hole.

DIY save the date ribbon flag-accented final design.

We tried using scissors and also a rotary cutter to trim the flag but the X-acto knife was the easiest! As long as you use the straight edge you should be able to get a straight line (especially with a little practice!)! The ribbons disguise the holes, just in case they are less than perfect (like ours!).
No time? Buy it:
If you'd rather have someone else make this, we recommend Bird and Banner out of PA. They aren't afraid to take on wedding paper goods with a three-dimensional edge to them. Check out their portfolio here.
DIY ribbon flag-accented save the date wedding stationery design.