Wedding planning is all about the details – details that make your day feel special, that represent you and your future spouse and the things you love and that make you tick. It’s also about enjoying a unique and special time in your lives together, and enjoying the ride! And we happen to think that rolling your sleeves up and settling down with a DIY or two is one of the best ways to make each one of those things happen, so we’ve rounded up several of our current favorites to share.

Garlands are a DIY project that’s easy for everyone to get their hands on. They can be simple and straightforward or a little more complicated and time-consuming, but whether they’re made of paper flowers or sparkly tinsel, garlands are a fun detail to include in your wedding décor. We like them over venue entrances, above dessert tables and gracing the backs of your chairs at the reception. So let’s talk crafts, already!

DIY fabric flower garland

These fabric flowers make for a sweet and simple garland that you can customize to fit any color scheme.

DIY gold-dipped feather garland

Funky and eclectic, gold glitter-dipped feathers make for a super unique, boho-inspired garland with just a touch of sparkle and glam.

DIY ribbon and word garland

This "I love you more" garland may take a little more time, but the sweet result is definitely worth the effort! We think a favorite song lyric or sentimental quote would make a good alternative to personalize the detail even further.

DIY floral garland

The placement of this garland - over a venue entrance or even as altar decor! - is a pretty way to set a romantic mood at your wedding.

DIY geometric paper garland

This geometric paper garland is a little bit edgy and definitely fit for a modern wedding! (P.S. For more geometric DIY inspiration, try these triangles.)

DIY tassel garland

Confession: tassel garlands like the one above are what got us started on this roundup in the first place. So fun!

DIY tissue paper dot garland

Crepe paper is a party essential - which makes this paper dot garland that much more ideal.

DIY confetti paper garland

This confetti paper garland is bright and playful, but could also be toned down with a more neutral color palette.

DIY paper pom garland

Giant paper flowers are possible the ultimate definition of whimsical - and they happen to make for a gorgeous and airy garland. We definitely love the idea of seeing this on the wall behind a collection of cupcakes.

bright tassel garland

Yes, we're back to the tassel garland idea - but this one is here just in case DIY sounds like more work than you bargained for (which, by the way, is a totally acceptable reaction. It's not like you're already busy or anything!). This one comes pre-made and ready to be hung with care.

What do you think? Do you see a DIY project you'd like to take on?

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