paper star wall decor

Wedding DIY projects sound like such a good idea until you find yourself overwhelmed, the night before the wedding, surrounded by washi tape and tulle.  Avoid this by picking out a few choice projects at the right level and savor the fun of creating something for your wedding.  Also, try to pick projects that you are truly excited about in the hopes that you can avoid that nasty procrastination that seems to happen with these things.

All ten of these projects are made with paper, some simple and some more advanced.  Above, these paper stars are perfect for a more rustic, homespun wedding. And once you get the hang of them with a few practice ones, they are easy enough for a beginner.  Decorate barn walls to resemble quilts, or hang together on a piece of twine to create a unique bunting to display over a patio.  The paper poppies (below, left) and hanging flower backdrop (below, right) are a bit more complicated. To make them look as polished as those seen here, you may want to talk to your wedding planner. They can probably recommend a local artisan who could make these for you (or instruct you with personal classes).

colorful paper poppy flowers
hanging paper flower backdrop
bright floral DIY decor

These giant pom blooms (above) add such a pop of pep to any wall.  You could also arrange them flat on a welcome table, which would be especially fetching at a garden or Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.

paper star lanterns

A foolproof way to complete beautiful DIY projects is to use kits or downloadable designs.  These lantern stars (above) were assembled via pre-designed cutouts printed out on a standard printer. Once you cut out the "lacework" you affix them together with detailed instructions. It's sort of DIY with training wheels, ideal for the newly initiated DIYer.

square paper lanterns
DIY lantern table numbers with washi tape

A step more advanced is these square paper lanterns (above, left). DIY projects should be extra special because of their uniqueness, and these lanterns are such a perfect example. The paper and palette you use are completely of your own choosing, and therefore a reflection of your own creativity. Another option are these fantastic paper lanterns, secured with washi tape (which is available in a wide variety of color and patterns, and in my opinion, is the best addition to DIY projects since the glue gun).

DIY wedding calendar invitation


One way to make sure those DIY projects get done is to do them early. Create your save-the-dates (above) or guest book alternative (below, left) far in advance.  With these cute thank you cards (below, right) you can make the outer card first and enclose a photo from your wedding after you get back from your honeymoon!

DIY vintage handkerchief guestbook
DIY photo thank you card

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