line up of floral arrangements in terra cotta pots along mantelpiece

All you super crafty ladies need to remember that even though you love the sound of creating every single thing at your ceremony and reception, it's simply unrealistic unless you are planning a very long engagement.  So, stick to smaller places to let your creativity shine!

Even though welcome tables often match and set the tone for the theme of your wedding, you should also feel free to be a little fun and inventive with this in-demand location. Guests are going to be seeking this table out to look for your guest book or escort cards or find a program (depending on whether this is at your ceremony or reception), so all of your hard work won't go unnoticed!


Let's start with the most traditional of wedding welcome tables: flowers.  Although it would probably be wise to leave the rest of your floral decor to an experienced florist, if you really want to do something with flowers on a smaller scale, these ideas work beautifully on a welcome table. Above, this arrangement is meant for a mantel, but it would also work really well on a long table that is placed against a wall.  Click on the photo to link to this in-depth tutorial that will walk you through all the basic steps of flower arranging.

DIY beach themed terrarium with succulents and shells
white rose with petal edges painted gold

If that sounds a little out of your league, we don't blame you for finding something a bit easier.  Terrariums (above, left) are a fun project for your wedding. Besides being popular, they also hold up far longer than cut flowers, so this is a project that doesn't have to be done the night before the wedding.

Do you have a steady hand?  Incorporate gold into your welcome table by lightly painting the tips of your flowers' petals (above, right). Especially if there are metallics in your palette, this is a darling touch.

Drinks & Snacks

A bit of a gap between the ceremony and when dinner is served?  A welcome table can be a great place to help your guests find a snack and a drink. Line your table with colorful soda bottles with striped straws. We love this straw below that features a mini balloon tied to the top as a playful detail.

DIY striped straws in bottled sodas with mini balloon attached

Our favorite DIY projects are ones you can use long after the wedding. Glass canisters can house snacks like cookies and trail mix--simply personalize them with this simple DIY tutorial (below).

DIY glass canisters for snacks for wedding guests

Bag up popcorn and seal them with a sticker (below) for a treat that will keep your guests from rioting when the salad course takes longer than expected.

bags of popcorn with DIY sticker for snack for wedding guests

Signage & Wall Art

Especially when you are using a really open and bare space like a barn or urban loft, having a little something to decorate the vertical space can really liven up the room.  Signs and art are another DIY craft that you can either keep or give to a relative after the wedding. Below, this cute sign would be perfect on a wedding welcome table at the reception.

funny DIY wooden sign for welcome table at wedding

This faux stained glass project below isn't complicated but it is time-intensive. However, we think this would be totally worth it to create several and hang together over large loft windows.

DIY faux stained glass wall art for welcome table decor

Either tie or weigh down bright, oversized balloons around the welcome table. You can have several that each feature one word of a message, or just celebratory words like "hooray" or "wahoo!"

DIY oversized pink balloon signage for wedding welcome table


The disposable cousin of wall art, backdrops are often taken apart after the event. However, while they last, they can be pretty darn magnificent.  You can either use them just with your welcome table all night, or you can move your table once guests get settled and have these backdrops double as your photo booth. To bring the outdoors in, create a shape on the wall of leaves behind your welcome table (below).

leaves and ferns taped to wall in circular shape for wall art behind wedding welcome table

We are a bit gaga over nautical weddings with bright, cheery color palettes. So you can imagine our delight when we saw this peppy idea for a DIY paper backdrop (below).

DIY paper nautical flag backdrop in bright colors

Many couples choose to feature relatives on their welcome tables, such as grandparents' wedding photos or photos of those not with us anymore.  Use your vertical space by creating "frames" with washi table in your wedding colors on the wall behind your table. Test a strip on your venue's walls first, but normally washi tape will peel right off without leaving any marks behind.

DIY photo wall backdrop with frames created out of taping washi tape to wall in various shapes


Hang garland on top of your linens on the front of your table to add a little something special. We had never seen wooden pennant garland before we found this project below! They've used white paint, but you could use whatever colors you wanted for a custom look.

DIY pennant garland with wooden flags painted white

These tiny honeycomb balls are a cinch to string together and great for a luau or fiesta themed wedding because of their vibrant colors!

DIY brightly colored honeycomb ball garland

Tiny Details

Just want one little project?  You can find easy to complete projects for just one detail. Hang photos or escort cards from hand-painted colorblock clothespins (above, left).  Will the temperature drop at your venue by the time your guests leave?  Make a coat rack station next to your welcome table with hangers wrapped with yarn.

modern DIY hand painted colorblock clothespins
DIY colorfully yarn wrapped hangers on coat rack

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