Try these modern but cozy votive holders for a winter wedding! They look beautiful and sculptural when illuminated.

DIY votive candles lit up and wrapped in white string resting along a table.

Cost: 50 cents a piece.
simple glass votive holders
votive candles
yarn (we used cashmere which was just $2 for a roll at Michael's)
double stick tape

DIY supplies, including string, yarn, tape and the candle and candle holder.


Tape is carefully wrapped around the votive candle, followed by the yarn.
1. Wrap double stick tape around votive holders. We used about 2 -3 rows per votive and spaced them out.

2. Stick the yarn vertically across the tape and then start wrapping it horizontally around the candle, leaving the long strand visible.

Side view of the yarn wrapping process around each votive candle.
3. Keep wrapping yarn around the candle until it's covered almost all the glass. The yarn shouldn't be in rows, just wrap it haphazardly around the votive holder.

A knot is tied to secure the yarn, and scissors are used to remove any excess yarn.

Scissors are used to trim any excess yarn, and the ends are then tucked into the wrapped yarn.
4. When you are done wrapping the yarn, take the end and tie it to the first piece. Trim the ends off and tuck the knot.

Finished DIY votive candles completely wrapped in yarn.

Don't make the rows of yarn too symmetrical or perfect it looks best when it's a little messy!

DIY votive candles illuminate a dark area as they rest along a table.