Try making your own boutonnieres! This one cost around $3 to make and is perfect for a fall wedding.

DIY rustic fall berry boutonniere resting on a table.

3 stems of rosehips (hypericum or blackberries work great too)
3 stems of greens including one large leaf and one small leaf)
Floral tape

DIY fall berry boutonniere supplies, including berries, tape and scissors.
DIY supplies, including tape, wire and fall berries and leaves.

1. Take the large leaf- this will be the back of your arrangement. Add a few stems of berries.

2. Add a small green leaf to the front of the boutonniere. This is the traditional florist's design for a boutonniere and it really does look best with the large leaf against the suit jacket and small leaf in front when it is being worn.

3. When it looks right to you, tie it with a piece of twine.

DIY fall berry boutonniere being bound together with twine.

4. Next, add floral tape.

5. Add ribbon by wrapping it around the floral tape until it's covered. Be sure to leave a piece of the ribbon long and visible when you are wrapping it. You can use this to tie the end of the ribbon in order to secure it.

DIY fall berry boutonniere, now bound by leaves.

Don't forget pins! It's always a good idea to bring a few extra. Also, keep your boutonniere in the fridge until it is ready to be worn. Be sure to label all the boutonnieres with names. It makes it much easier on the wedding day!
No time? Buy it!
Any florist in your area will be able to work with you to make something similar. Find a vendor in your area.

Close up of finished DIY rustic fall berry boutonniere on table.

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