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Supplies List



Duct tape

Packing tape

Quick-dry cement


Wood stir stick

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Step One

Trace your template on a piece of cardboard. Follow this template by using a triangle to create your own.

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Step Two

Cut out your template using scissors (or an x-acto knife). 

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Step Three

Line the interior of your cardboard mold with packing tape to keep the cement from seeping into the cardboard.

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Step Four

Tape together your mold, securing the exterior of the cardboard with duct tape.

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Step Five

Mix your cement according to the directions on the package. And scoop it into your mold, filling it to just below the rim. Allow the cement to dry overnight.

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Step Six

Remove cement, which will be mostly dry, from the mold. Insider tip: To smooth any rough edges, lightly sand your table number with a medium grit sandpaper.

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Step Seven

Use craft paint to add your table numbers to the flat edge of your concrete and allow to dry.

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