DIY rustic, vintage floral centerpiece(s) inspiration board.

What to do when you have spent your entire wedding budget and have not yet even called a florist? Look for affordable DIY solutions! Here are a few little cuties that I found for those of you who are budget impaired or simply don't want tons of fluffy flower centerpieces at your reception. I especially adore the wooden one for wintery weddings and the awesome concept of butcher paper with giant flowers (you could go with real ones or paper) scattered in the center.

Credits (clockwise from top left):

Butcher paper with giant flowers

Flowers in Antique Cans Purchase simple flowers and load them up in antique cans or bottles.

Tree Trunk Centerpiece Go to your local lumberyard or construction companies to see if they have any scrap wood that you can purchase.

Desert-inspired Twine Wrapped Jars Use everything from antique bottles to the olive jar that has been sitting in your fridge for too long. Clean them out and tightly wrap them with twine (adhere with a glue gun before each "row").

Paper Flowers in Mason Jars This will save you money, but cost you a lot of time. Be self-aware enough to know if you are the kind of person who can make a hundred paper flowers. If you are, I tip my hat to you!