Easy Berry Candy Favors

These tiny, cute favors are perfect for a large wedding, a bridal shower, and for place settings at a party or wedding. Total cost is around .65 cents. There might not be an easier DIY favor than these!



mini kraft boxes (ours are 2" by 2" tiny!)

waxed twine

parchment paper

a white pen

raspberry candies



1. Cut a tiny piece of parchment paper to fit the box.

2. Place candies inside.

3. Tie box up with twine.

4. Write names on each box with a white pen.

5. Place at each setting or line up on a table at the entrance to your wedding.

Buy it:

Any of the caterers or wedding planners in the mywedding.com directory can help you!

Oh, how we love Frolic! Chelsea's daily inspiration blog is always chock-full of pretty ideas that feel effortless and chic. So, we're so happy that she is posting DIY projects that are easy to do while packing a big punch.