DIY is everywhere these days. From Pinterest to the pages of this very blog, it's hard to go anywhere on the internet without running across a DIY wedding idea or craft - or two. Or three.

But DIY isn't new, especially not when it comes to wedding. In fact, it's a huge probability that our parents and grandparents were DIYing weddings left and right when most of us were just barely twinkles in their eyes.

So what's the big deal?

Well, there are lots of reasons to incorporate a little bit of elbow grease and home-grown plans into your wedding, but right now the focus is on the broadest reason of them all: when you DIY, you truly put your mark on your wedding.

You're already choosing your favorite colors. Your favorite flowers. Your favorite desserts and hopefully, your favorite venue (anything from mansions on mountaintops to your parents' backyard works for this one!). But getting directly involved with the design and the details and the photobooth in the corner is the best way to make your day completely your own, and to give the relatives that you only see once every five years a chance to know what you and the love of your life are really all about.

When you settle in to a DIY project for your wedding, you're giving your guests a glimpse into what you care about, from the idea itself to the way you interpret it and carry it out. You get to make your wedding totally unique, catered specifically to you and your celebration on a whole new level.

Plus, aside from your (literal and figurative) fingerprints on everything, you get to experience the sense of accomplishment that comes from taking a hands-on approach, no matter how much of your day you craft up. Not to mention the possibility of one-of-a-kind photo opportunities involving your bridal party and things like tailor-made, Scrabble-inspired signs. Grandma and Grandpa knew exactly what they were doing when they put their weddings together - but don't worry, so do you.

Photo Credit: Green Wedding Shoes