bride with purple bouquet standing in vineyard

Maybe your wedding is going to be at a local vineyard, or maybe you just really love wine (no judgments). 

Photo Ops

If you are going to have your wedding at a vineyard, make sure to head down to the actual vines for a few pretty pics.  The cool thing about vineyard shots is that they look magnificent during any season whether summery lush green (above) or stark and autumnal (below).

brides sitting in fall vineyard wrapped in copper sequined blanket

Take your guys and gals into the barrel room to capture some fun, relaxed poses (below).

groomsmen gathered in vineyard barrel room
wine barrel with assorted floral arrangements in colored glass bottles
DIY wine bottle candlesticks

Wine Details

Decorate your aisle with flowers atop wine barrels. You can also use these to create a makeshift altar for a vineyard wedding outdoors (above, left).  DIY some unique candleholders out of the tops of wine bottles for memorable centerpieces, or as favors (above, right).

Spray paint has come a long way since you tried giving your Huffy a makeover.  Use winebottles for candles or as bud vases after you cover them in a curtain of matte gold (below).

gold spraypainted wine bottles as candlesticks
wine cork ampersand with gold glitter votives

Wine Cork Crafts

No one needs to know why you have 200 wine corks in your kitchen drawer. But you need something to do with them, if for no other reason than to destroy the evidence.  Make an ampersand or monogram for the sweethearts' table (above) or cutie-patootie mini succulent planters with magnets on the back as favors (below).

DIY magnets with succulents planted into hollowed out wine corks
diy wine cork and pom pom place cards

Didn't save your corks? That's okay. Make your meager collection stretch by slicing up the corks and using them as the base for whimsical place cards (above).

wine bottle guestbook alternative with tags

Celebrate your aficionado status

Put your second love on display front and center. This oenophile's guest book idea above is genius! The couple tied tags on a selection of their favorite wines, marking them for specific special occasions in the future (such as anniversaries, a job promotion, buying a home, etc.).  Their guests used metallic Sharpies to sign well wishes on each bottle. Brilliant!

If you are throwing a bridal shower, and the bride has a wine collection that would make Olivia Pope blush, why not host a wine tasting?  These chic tasting cards and coasters (below) will have every guest glad that they came.

letterpress wine tasting card for bridal shower
bottle of Prosecco on black sand beach

There's no reason you have to have an open bar, or even a bar at all. If you prefer, just serve your favorite wines. It's a chance for your guests to discover new favorites and make great memories with something you already appreciate (making the wine that much better when you drink it later.

You can even carry this theme through to your menu. Ditch plated chicken in favor of a spread of nuts, meats, and cheeses paired with beloved wines and champagnes (below).  Especially when served family-style, this type of meal practically guarantees a relaxed evening with great conversation!

wine and cheese dinner on long table

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