DIY rehearsal dinner tablescape with silverware and decorations.

Hosting a rehearsal dinner? Whether you are holding it at home, or at a venue, you can incorporate many of these fantastic elements into your events. Erin from Host-It Notes has created a gorgeous tablescape design inspired by classical music. Make sure to read her description and tips below to bring these great ideas to life at your own party!

DIY rehearsal dinner tableware adorned with rose petals and name card.
Collage of DIY rehearsal dinner tableware and centerpieces.
DIY rehearsal dinner tableware, silverware and floral centerpieces.
Collage of rehearsal dinner floral centerpieces.
Rehearsal dinner floral and cloth table centerpiece.
Collage of DIY music-themed rehearsal dinner tablescape and decorations.
DIY music-themed rehearsal dinner favors and decorations.
DIY music-themed rehearsal dinner cloth floral decorations and music sheets.
DIY music-themed rehearsal dinner favors and decorations alongside a violin.
Collage of DIY music-themed rehearsal dinner favors and decorations.
Close up of DIY music-themed rehearsal dinner decorations and tableware.
Collage of music-themed rehearsal decorations with roses and music sheets.
DIY music-themed rehearsal dinner decorations and cloth floral bouquet.

Violins and Vows Inspiration Shoot

For the look of this intimate rehearsal dinner shoot I was inspired by classical music and traditional wedding vows. This small tablescape can be replicated on a larger scale to accommodate groups of any size. I focused on the violin for its warm wood tones, which complement the various shades of brown in the decor. To create this look yourself, feel free to choose a color palette you love. I used maroon, navy, cream and brown. In addition to an actual violin as decoration, I hand-stamped guests names on violin bridges. With a bit of twine the violin bridges pull double duty as both napkin rings and place cards. Vintage sheet music crafts like paper chains, vase wrappers and gift bows broaden the music theme. Wrap bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts in brown paper and strips of fabric, then use scraps of contrasting fabric to create a collar for bows made from strips of sheet music. I created the bows by sliding a pearl floral pin through loops of the paper, followed by the fabric circles, bending the pin at the base to slide beneath the fabric below, concealing the length of the pin. Make a plain glass vase look custom-made by layering contrasting fabric around it (I sewed the fabric to size, but you could use adhesive to attach the fabric as well). The centerpiece of the table is a fabric bouquet. Hand-rolled rosettes in various colors and textures combine to make a bouquet that will never wilt. Rolled flower tutorials are easy to find online, but I found this one especially useful. A wall hanging with additional fabric flowers completes the look. This being a "Violins and Vows" shoot, I stenciled banners with excerpts from traditional wedding vows as an additional paper craft and wall decor.

As an added bonus, earlier in the day the bride can walk down the aisle with this bouquet in hand before it is placed on the table. At your rehearsal dinner play classical string music softly in the background or book a string soloist to entertain your guests. Need a gift for your bridesmaids? Make extra rolled flowers and turn them into hair clips or pins for your favorite friends.