Whether you're departing your ceremony or calling it a night at the very end of your wedding reception, it's always fun to end a good celebration with a bang. Each of these wedding exit ideas is a completely approachable project (although some admittedly require a little bit more organization and elbow grease than others), and they're all practically guaranteed to result in a great memory and some pretty incredible photos to boot. Here are some of our all-time favorite send-offs, from unique wedding exits to the best of the classics.


1. Streamers: Bright, colorful and not too incredibly difficult to clean up after all the fun is over, streamers are a slightly more traditional wedding exit option, but one that's no less wonderful! Plus, you can easily incorporate your wedding color palette or put the streamers together as a DIY. (Photo by Mark Brooke)


2. Glitter Confetti: You know how we feel about gold. We'd have a pretty near impossible time passing up a wedding exit option like this...but that's just us. Or is it? (Photo by Nancy Ebert)

autumn leaves wedding exit

3. Autumn Leaves: These autumn leaves make for a wedding send-off that's eco-friendly, colorful and completely perfect for a seasonally-inspired wedding. We're in. (Photo by Heidi Ryder)

lavender wedding exit toss

4. Lavender: From its sweet scent to its pretty color, dried lavender is another more natural choice for exits. This one is best used after the ceremony or for daytime weddings — it becomes a little more difficult to see at night. (Photos by KT Merry and Julianna Collett Photography)


5. Balloon Wedding Exit: There's just something about balloons that makes wedding photos that much better. This balloon-packed wedding exit is no exception. (Photos by Allison Davis Photography)


6. Dramatic Exit: Because who wouldn't enjoy a high-drama, backlit exit with the help of a fog machine? This idea is 100% fun and perfect for a playful couple with a little extra flair. (Photo by Phil Chester)


7. Rose Petals: Almost as classic as the traditional rice toss, rose petals are pretty, elegant and suit a variety of wedding styles. (Photo by Coralee Stone)


8. Paper Planes: This wedding exit is the ultimate DIY. It's also great if you're looking for a chance to sharpen your paper plane making skills...or include other throwback-inspired details in your wedding decor. We love the monograms that this couple chose to include on their planes. (Photo by Corbin Gurkin)

felt pom wedding exit

9. Pom Wedding Exit: These felt poms are so much fun and full of color — a great choice for vibrant, eclectic celebrations. (Photos by Megan and Seth Photography)


10. Sparklers: This wouldn't be a very good roundup of wedding exit ideas if it didn't include sparklers. Seriously. An exit like this is the ideal final touch to a carefully planning (and thoroughly enjoyed) celebration. (Photo by Amy and Stuart)


11. Air Lanterns: This unique wedding exit would be an excellent way to end your reception by spending a little extra personal time with your family and friends away from the dance floor. (Photo by M Three Studio)


12. Sprinkles: Another creative wedding exit idea, these sprinkles are pretty similar to a traditional rice toss — except extra colorful. Obviously you'll want to remove the engagement ring first, but otherwise we're sold. (Photos by Diana Rush Photography)