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Turquoise Engagement Rings
Photo: Mocium

Turquoise: An Engagement Ring Made in the USA

This beautiful sky-blue stone has historically adorned royalty. From Egyptian pharaohs to the Aztec kings, people have long loved turquoise for its unique, rich color. For the eco-conscious bride, another reason to love it is that the United States is one of the top producers of this lovely stone, with Arizona ranking first in terms of value. Check out these great turquoise rings, sustainably made by Brooklyn-based jewelry maker, Mociun. You can also find simple turquoise wedding bands

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Moissanite: The Affordable Non Diamond Engagement Ring That Looks Like A Diamond

Looks like a diamond, feels like a diamond, is nearly as hard as a diamond, is sometimes shinier than a diamond...but isn’t a diamond. Moissanite was first discovered from a fallen meteor, so you could say that it’s a stone from the heavens! Nowadays, the moissanite you’ll find in stores is synthetically produced. They’re practically identical to diamonds, but they cost less and don’t damage the environment. If you’re not convinced, just look at these stunning moissanite rings, set in recycled white gold by Moissanite Co.

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Beryl: An Ethical Gemstone

Beryl is a crystal which can be found in several US states. While pure beryl is colorless, we are most familiar with it in its various colored forms. Aquamarines (blue), emeralds (green), morganites (pink), and red emeralds (red) are really all variations of this crystal. The variety makes for some beautiful jewelry. We love these examples from the eco-conscious jewelers Ken and Dana Design.

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Sapphires: Colorful Engagement Rings

Sapphire, literally, means “blue stone” in Greek. However, with the right mix of elements such as iron or copper, we can get yellow, purple, orange, or green sapphires. (Funnily enough, red sapphires get their own names--they are what we call rubies.) Naming quirks aside, sapphires are the third hardest mineral behind diamonds and moissanite, making them durable as well as beautiful. Trueblue Sapphires are sustainably sourced. Sapphire rings can also be simple and inexpensive. 

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Sunstones: A Unique Engagement Ring Idea

Isn’t sunstone a beautiful name? The real thing is just as gorgeous. Sunstones are crystals with brilliant orange coloring. They have been associated with good luck and fortune and have even been proclaimed the official gemstone of Oregon! Once you see them, you’ll understand why.