Some of these DIY doily wedding projects can be created using vintage cotton doilies (which you can buy in bulk on eBay for shockingly little money). For others, paper doilies work better. While there are no companies we are aware of offering paper doilies made from recycled paper, you can often source paper doilies on eBay as well, as few crafters (or brides) finish a full pack. After your wedding, you can reuse, resell or recycled the objects you have made. 

DIY Paper Doily Cupcake Liners

This "craft" is so simple, you will be amazed! You essentially remove the center of a paper doily and glue the lace parts together after cutting them to the right length. There is a quick DIY cupcake wrapper template you can print at home here with those dimensions. Doily cupcake wrappers are so pretty and allow you to quickly dress up cupcake that you make yourself or buy at an organic, vegan or otherwise eco-friendly bakery. 

DIY doily cupcake wrappers
Photo: Cake Central

DIY Doily Wedding Dress Cards

Paper doilies can be transformed into tiny wedding dresses with a few snips and folds. You can find the DIY tutorial here. You can use these cute lace paper gowns to make DIY bridal party invitations, favors or even drink sticks. 

Doily dress trefolds
Photo: Paper Paws

DIY Doily Wedding Dress

If you know how to sew, or know a great seamstress, you can dress up an inexpensive white (or colorful) dress with a layer of real lace doilies to create a fabulously fun and modern wedding gown for yourself. If you have doilies in the family, this is a nice way to pay homage to your ancestors while looking fabulous. Talk about wearing something unique! To make this particular dress, the bride deconstructed a vintage dress to make the pattern for the bodice, sewed it, and then began to work on the doilies. It took three weeks and over two miles of crochet yarn to complete the effect.

Doily Dress
Photo: Elizabeth Anne Designs

DIY Paper Doily Wedding Banners And Buntings

If you want to hang banners from a tent or have something lacy for the backdrop of a wedding photo booth, you can just fold and glue paper doilies over a cotton clothesline. The effect is quite stunning when taken together. 

DIY Paper Doily Wedding Banners and Bunting
Photo: The Pretty Blog

DIY Doily Mason Jar Lanterns Or Candle Holders

These doily candle holders are easy to make and create quite a lighting impression. Each only takes a few minutes to make and can be used for years and/or given away as gifts to your bridal party after the event. 

DIY candle holders with doilie
Photo: Spirelloe