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modern succulent centerpiece
Photo: Adam Brick

Succulent Centerpiece

Not only are succulents great plants if your thumb isn't the greenest, but using succulents as a centerpiece is also a unique and charming way to incorporate simple plants into your wedding.

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Vintage Tin Can Centerpieces

Give some extra use to your recycled tin cans by using them to create your centerpieces. Either create your own vintage-inspired labels, or find tin cans with vintage labels (just remember to wash them out first), and stick some cheerful flowers inside to create a quirky, colorful centerpiece.

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Tin Can Table Marker

Recycled tin cans are the perfect addition to any centerpiece for the environmentally-conscious bride. Instead of using plastic table markers, why not use a tin can candleholder with a brightly painted interior?

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Bottle Centerpiece
Photo: Ryan Ray

Recycled Bottle Centerpiece

Recycled glass bottles are eco-friendly additions to a rustic wedding tablescape. Whether you leave the labels on, take them off, or wrap the bottle in ribbon or twine, they always add a fun touch to any design.

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Beeswax Candles

Getting eco-friendly candles for your reception can be tough, but finding candles made out of materials like soy or beeswax can help give your big day a romantic glow in a conscientious way.

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Reclaimed Wood
Photo: Cathy Filian

Reclaimed Wood Centerpiece

Using reclaimed wood to accent your table is a great way to bring the forest right to your wedding. Adding some succulents or wildflowers can really help add to the outdoorsy feel!

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Moss Centerpiece

Using moss to decorate your eco-friendly reception is a great way to add woodsy flair to your centerpieces. Glamming it up with flowers or candles will only add to the unique look.

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Veggie Centerpiece
Photo: Nancy Neil

Veggie Centerpiece

What better way to make your centerpiece standout than by using colorful vegetables? And, hey, if your guests get hungry...

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Potted Flower Centerpiece

If you want to incorporate flowers into your eco-friendly event to cut the waste, try using potted flowers instead! It not only adds a beautiful vibe to your wedding, but it can double as guest gifts!