Traditional knick-knacks such as picture frames and monogrammed statuettes often get thrown away or retired to a shelf to collect dust. Instead of these typically wasteful options, here are three eco-chic favor ideas that will say 'thanks' and leave a lasting impression.

A Tasty Thanks!
A fun and delicious way to show guests your appreciation is with edible favors. Fancy truffles, gourmet cupcakes, or monogrammed cookies are the perfect way to say thanks and offer a parting gift for the ride home.

For an eco-chic touch, ask the baker to use as little packaging as possible to reduce waste. Finish the tasty treat with a thank you note. For a more budget friendly option, consider having a baking party a few nights before the wedding and prepare a homemade baked good for guests. Package them in personalized paper bags and provide a few treats per family or couple.

Favors that keep on giving
One way to ensure your guest favors will have a lasting impression is with plantable gifts. A really great hands-on suggestion is for the bride and groom to plant some flowers or a small potted plant in the weeks leading up to the wedding. Use them as table centerpieces during the reception and offer them to guests to take home with them and plant in their gardens afterward.

Take your plantable gifts to another level with seeded paper, tree seedlings, and personalized seed packets. Companies like Plant a Memory offer customers unique personalized and plantable gifts that come in eco-friendly recycled packaging.

Give a gift in honor of your guests
For a more unconventional gift, a hot trend right now is giving a donation in honor of your guests. Companies like the I Do Foundation allow couples to take the money they would have spent on favors and give it toward a charity of their choosing. Consider giving gifts little place cards or thank you notes indicating what charity you have donated to, and your guests will be sure to feel honored and perhaps even inspired to donate a little themselves.

Kate runs one of the most comprehensive guides to planning a Green wedding out there. Her site is chock-full of great tips on how to create an eco-friendly wedding, whether you're just looking to go paper-free or taking it all the way with a carbon-free day.

Photo by: Brett Szemple