Whether they are hung from trees or are stationed next to the guestbook, these decorations spruce up any event. Plus, the frilly poms are a crafty way to hide any unwanted scenery. 

colorful pink and orange tissue poms at a green wedding
Image: Pom Adore

The best thing about wedding paper poms is that they can be used in a multitude of ways. One idea is tying them alongside the aisle pews or chairs at the wedding ceremony. Doing so can help incorporate the wedding theme’s colors into the decor. Poms can be used at the reception by tying them onto napkin rings. Rather than using a plain napkin ring or simply folding the napkin, the poms can be integrated by attaching them to the ring.

paper pom napkin rings

Image: www.pompomfactory.com

In the picture below, the paper poms are suspended from the ceiling beside lanterns and strings of lights. The splash of color they provide livens up the room and helps continue the wedding theme’s colors. Rather than limiting the décor to the floor level, hanging paper poms continue the theme throughout the room.

pink and cream paper poms hanging from a wedding tent ceiling
Image: Lisa Dawn

Including poms into wedding pictures and photo booths is another fun option. The poms add a dash of color yet do not remove the couple as the focal point of the scene. Whether they are hanging above from a tree or placed below in the grass, paper poms add a classy, colorful touch to photographs.

bride and friend in a pom backdrop wedding photobooth

Image: pisforparty.blogspot.com/

Not only can poms be used for the big day, but if kept indoors, these decorations can last much longer. Eco-friendly pom decorations can be recycled for further use in the home, in a shop window, or at another celebration, serving as fun mementos of your big day. However you use paper poms, they will add unique zest to your celebration.

bride and groom under hanging paper poms

Image: Brookelyn Photography

The festive decorations can be found in the Green Bride Guide shop, where these and other recycled paper products are sold in an array of colors.

Contributed by Jessica Parisen and edited by Kate Harrison.

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