Apple Caramels- Savor your vows with a delicious fall treat. The Caramel Apple flavor combines the best of both worlds with a sweet and sour taste, while using all natural ingredients. These hand-stirred caramels are layered with organic dried apple slices and a generous splash of Calvados French apple brandy. They will leave your guests begging for more! These are great wedding favors that also make lovely holiday gifts. You receive 3 caramel pieces per box in 25 recycled content boxes with a personalized message if you so desire.


Cinnamon Pear Caramels- Enchant your guests taste buds with a caramel flavor that tastes like a cinnamon pear. This unique flavor has a complex and delicious blend of freshly ground cinnamon, vanilla beans, and pear. You will receive 25 recycled content boxes with 3 caramels tucked inside.


Vanilla Honey and Fig Lollipops- Here's a sweet and simple reminder of how fun your wedding was. The Vanilla Honey and Fig flavored lollipops  are a tasty combination of a pleasant, soothing vanilla-honey flavor and the sweet, slight chewiness of sliced figs. Order size includes 25 individual lollipops for $37.50.


Candy Apple Lollipops- A sweet lover's dream! These lollipops are the perfect gift for any wedding reception. With the combination of tangy apple, sweet cherry, cinnamon, and pure vanilla flavors your guests won't forget this unique treat. Fun, colorful sprinkles top it all off and add to the pop's festive look! Order size includes 25 individual lollipops for $37.50.