Many green brides are also health-conscious brides. If you want the beauty of a towering multi-tier wedding cake without a ton of frosting, a "naked cake" could be the perfect solution. To make a naked cake even greener, ask your baker to use organic ingredients and free-range eggs. These are easily found at large chain supermarkets and should not increase the price of a wedding cake by more than a few dollars total. If you are worried that a naked cake will not be as enticing or dramatic as a traditional cake covered in fondant or buttercream, here are a few inspirational photos and design ideas to change your mind:

Ombre Naked Cakes

Who said naked cakes can't have color? Ask your baker to add natural food coloring to the layers of your wedding cake to create a dramatic organic visual ombre effect. Ombre wedding cakes are popular, and this natural take is a beautiful eco version of a hot wedding trend. 

Naked Ombre Wedding Cakes
Photo: Happy Confetti Photography (left) and Natalie Spencer Photography (right)

Beautiful Berry Topped Naked Caked

Fresh organic berries offer a sweet low glycemic index layering and topping option for naked cakes. You can stick to a single type like strawberries, raspberries or blackberries, or go for a mixed berry design. No matter how you use them, berries add a visual interest to your naked cake layers and a naturally sweet treat for your guests. 

Naked Cakes with Berries
Photo: Ben Webb (left) and Love My Dress (right)

Naked Cakes With Interesting Flavors

You can add both visual and taste profile interest to an unfrosted cake by using non-traditional wedding cake flavors for your layers, like cinnamon chocolate chip or cardamom spice. Weave in some chocolate chip (or carob chips), berries or other cake inclusions like coconut pieces to add texture and color to the cake itself. 

texture can be added to a naked cake with chocolate chips
Photo: Birdsong Wedding Photography

Create Texture In Between Naked Cake Layers

Instead of frosting or whipped cream, you can layer your naked wedding cake tiers with non-frosting alternatives like marshmallows. Without the mess of frosting, these textured layers allow guests who want a truly low-sugar experience to easily remove the sweeter parts of the dessert. 

naked cake with marshmallow layers instead of frosting
Photo: Aisle Perfect

Geometric Naked Cakes

If you love the look of modern patterned geometric frosting but want to stick with a naked cake, some bakers (like mrobin cakes in Portland, Oregon) can create colorful and precise style details using sponge cake and cake coloring. The results are seriously impressive! 

colorful naked wedding cakes with patterns baked in
Photo: MRobin Cake Design

Powdered Sugar Lace Designs

A little sugar can go a long way when used to lightly dust the surface of a naked wedding cake. Especially if you are only planning to have one tier, you can use a doily to create a delicate lace pattern on top of your otherwise austere and healthy dessert. This technique works particularly well with darker (e.g. chocolate) cake bases. 

naked cakes can be topped with powdered sugar to create a lace effect
Photo: Festival Brides