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Buy or DIY?

If you are crafty, you can find a number of DIY paper wedding flower projects online (like the one below) or you can buy pre-made ones from paper flower artists. As many brides are pressed for time, here are some beautiful and affordable wedding paper flower bouquets you can purchase from around the web:

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Crepe Bouquet

When it comes to paper wedding flowers a few big crepe paper blooms can make a striking bouquet. 

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Bride carrying roses made from recycled book pages
Photo: Diddle Bug

Literary Bouquet

For literary couples, a few of long stem roses made from the pages of your favorite novel or romantic poems could be just the thing. 

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Music note paper rose bridal bouquet
Photo: Diddle Bug

Musically Inclined

What musician could resist these beautiful flowers made from sheet music? They strike just the right note. 

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World Travelers

Atlas pages make the perfect lily petals in this map wedding bouquet made for world traveling brides and grooms.

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DIY wedding paper daisy flowers
Photo: Diddle Bug


If you don't want to deal with lots of layers of paper, this simple daisy design is easy to make and would look so sweet in a garden wedding ceremony. 

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Oversized Blooms

No matter what kind of paper flowers you like, you can make a big splash with a single oversize bloom instead of a bouquet with multiple stems. Just scale everything up to size. These work well for bridesmaid bouquets too!