Registering for wedding gifts is a great way to ask guests for items that you and your spouse would like to start your new life together. Creating a green registry is a great way to get the things you need while staying true to your eco-chic style and values. Here are the top three reasons to register green.

Support the local green economy:

Why register for items that are created in a nameless factory when you can help support local eco-friendly businesses and artists? Keeping it local boosts your hometown economy, and ensures the supplier is somebody who takes notice of the environmental impact of his or her business. Buying local also helps to reduce your carbon footprint because your order does not have to be shipped too far!

Green gifts are unique:

We all know that finding quality, well-made items can be difficult in the usual department stores. When you buy from a local green vendor you know your items will be one of a kind and will reflect your personal style and values.

Helps the environment:

By registering with a green business that is taking active steps to reduce their environmental footprint, you are not only getting the cookware or bedding you have always wanted, but you are also doing Mother Nature a favor. Keep an eye out for companies that use organic, recycled, or locally produced materials and offers carbon neutral shipping.


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