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Sustainable and Natural

Male deer grow and shed their majestic antlers every year - making antlers a completely natural, renewable and sustainable resource. Deer antlers are made of "true bone," so they are extremely strong. Different species of deer have different antler shapes and sizes, but generally speaking, the older a deer is the larger the antlers grow. As a result, you can find the right size piece of naturally shed antler to work with for everything from your wedding bouquet to your cake topper. Humans have used antlers since prehistoric times to make tools, weapons, toys and ornaments. They are beautiful and mystical. In a modern context, antlers can be be used to make gorgeous rustic wedding decorations. If you are including deer or antlers in your wedding theme, there are a surprising number of creative pre-made and DIY options for everything from the invitations to your favors. Here are some of our favorite ideas from around the web:

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Antler Stationery
Photo: STNStationery


Invitations set the tone for your wedding. By including antler or deer iconography on the invite you let your guests know they are coming to a rustic-chic or down-home wedding celebration. There are a number of companies offering 100% recycled paper invitations with woodland scenes, hand drawn fawn and noble antlers. See which speaks to you and the atmosphere you are going for. 

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Antler Bouquet

Deer, elk, caribou or even moose antlers can be woven in to your wedding flowers in surprising ways. Curve antlers around vases or found objects to make dramatic table centerpieces for your reception. Attach flowers to an antler to create a biedermeier style bouquet. 

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Antler Centerpiece
Photo: Get Married

Antler Centerpiece

Modern meets rustic in this creative centerpiece. Bonus: you will need fewer flowers when you rely on the antler to make the table statement.

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Gold Leaf Antler DIY

Antler DIY

Painted antlers are also beautiful decor pieces to place around your ceremony or reception venue. Here are the instructions to DIY painted antler decor

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Say "I do" with strong titanium wedding bands lined with a smooth antler interior. You might also love a ring with an antler design! Piecesofindigo on Etsy uses recycled metals for her affordable organic wedding rings. 

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Make your cake really stand out by placing it on a dramatic antler cake stand! You can also make an antler wedding cake by creating a cool geometric pattern using subtle antler imagery in any color. 

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Antler Cake Topper
Photo: DesignCMC

Cake Topper

What could be sweeter than two deer in love? Top it off! If you love deer, this cake topper is teh perfect touch.

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Gift Registry

Don't forget the gifts! You can find everything from antler candle sticks to serving trays. This piece from the Beatriz Ball Collection is made from 100% recycled aluminum. As you can see, no matter what style wedding you are planning, antler details can be the perfect way to bring out your natural style.