Sometimes the real meaning of your wedding day can get lost in the shuffle. Take a step back and remember what it's all about:  sharing your love with someone special and also coming together with the same values in mind as reflected in your union.

Supporting Green Business

First and foremost, create demand. Spending your wedding dollars on green goods and services sends a signal to companies that it is time to change their ways!



By bringing your awareness of environmental and social issues to the negotiating table with you, you can affect the impact of every purchasing decision you make and have each dollar you spend work to support your beliefs and values.

Communicating Your Vision

You must communicate your hopes, dreams, and vision clearly and carefully to your vendors.



Instead of just asking if they can do x, y, or z, explain to them why x, y, and z are important to you.

Educating Others

The most amazing thing about your wedding is that it is the only time in your life when pretty much everyone you love is in the same place at the same time. In other words, you have a captive audience and a chance to let your green values shine!



By infusing your wedding with a sense of respect for the environment, you will inspire your guests and transform your wedding into an event that they will remember forever.

Photography Credits:

Green Felt Heart Ornaments on Branch: It's a Jaime Thing

Hands on Tree Trunk Forming Heart: My Waiheke Wedding

Bridesmaids in Green Dresses: Intimate Weddings