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Widely recognized as a traditional part of the Jewish wedding, the wedding canopy, known as the chuppah or huppah, has become widely popular with couples of many religions and backgrounds. The beauty and elegance of the chuppah is enhanced by its spiritual meaning - it represents the couple’s new home, which is open on all four sides to welcome family and friends.   Chuppahs can be designed or decorated to reflect your personal taste, match your wedding theme or color palette, or honor loved ones.  

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Rose Petals

Scattering flower petals underneath your canopy or placing them along your aisle leading to the chuppah is a great way to add in some eco-friendly decor.

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The Natural Look

The natural chuppah is perfect for your green wedding, with birch poles and grapevines creating an earthy and organic feel.

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Personalize It

The chuppah is as versatile as it is beautiful.  You can completely personalize your wedding canopy to showcase your style as a couple, whether it be sleek and modern, rustic chic, decorated with pinwheels, or set up on the home plate of your favorite baseball field

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Honoring Loved Ones

Traditionally, the Jewish wedding chuppah consists of a tallit supported by four poles, which are held up by loved ones.  You can honor this tradition by incorporating one of your grandparents’ tallit, or creating a quilt (you can even get your guests involved) made up of meaningful pieces.

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Soft Romance

Many couples choose wedding canopies made from simple, draped organza, giving their ceremony an elegant, romantic backdrop.  Add cascading florals in your wedding colors, or lighting at the base for a touch of drama. Try hanging fun and colorful 100% recycled paper pom poms from your canopies or along the aisles for a fun spring look.