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Do you know what's better than presents? Extra presents.  And you can have them if you win Macy's Ultimate Registry Sweepstakes. $2000 worth of presents.  Here's how you enter:

1.  Find your style! Go to our checklist page and select the items that excite you. Maybe you are classical minimalist and want all-white dishes. Or perhaps you love bold, burst of colors and your decor style is eclectic through and through. Macy's can help you find exactly what you want in your new home together.

2.  Create a Macy's registry with these newly discovered treasures (otherwise they just stay in your dreams, and not Aunt Peg's shopping cart).

3.  Take your email address, Macy's registry ID and load them into the form at the top of this page. Click on the handy-dandy "enter now" button. Good luck!