Dinner with the In-Laws

If you have an eclectic style, decorate your table with colorful plates, loaded with bright stripes and packed with happy personality (bonus: it'll keep the mood positive, even when your MIL proclaims how "interesting" your chili tastes).

colorful and bright striped dinnerware

Sunday Lunch with the Besties

If you prefer a vibe of warm modernism, layer patterns like polka dots and scripts with touches of pink and metallics. Add a cheese plate, caprese salad, and loads of peonies, and you instantly become the chicest of friends.

modern patterned entertaining decor

Overnight Guests from Out of Town

His sister will love your classical minimalist touches in the guest bathroom. From the muted towels rolled up in a basket to the simple stone soap dish, she will feel like she is having a spa weekend of her very own.

muted color spa towels

Summer Barbeque Bash

Of course, you and your husband's traditionalist style is especially vibrant on the patio. Your red grill, picnic fixings, and seating for a small army screams Americana fun for the whole family.

barbeque grill and picnic food

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