I spend a lot of time on Etsy. So I couldn't believe I just found OneCanoeTwo. Where have I been? Because these designs are amazing!


Use calendars like this one for an unconventional guest book option (yes, you may have to buy next year's too). Put out the 12 months following your wedding and have guests leave you notes on the other side.


These presidential drinking glasses are just plain fantastic and a perfect gift for the history buff in your life.


Having a retro bridal shower or rehearsal dinner? Put out nibbles in fun glass bowls.


Sure, I could download my recipes or store my contacts' info in my phone. But then I couldn't practice pretty penmanship on adorable cards like these.


OneCanoeTwo has several different state prints. My fave is definitely this Texas one--it makes me want to sing along. And my co-workers just love that.