If you are anything like me, chances are you spent a tad too much over the holidays and are seeing a lot of soup dinners in your future. But birthdays and anniversaries stop for no budget, and you may be looking for something affordable, but very cool. Here are a few sweet little finds on Etsy that will totally prevent you from needing to cash out your 401k. For example, this adorable ristretto cup (above) is such a tiny size that it is not only perfect for a shot of espresso, but also keeping your jewelry safe by the sink. And I love this pale aqua. Divine!


Lavender sachets from Portugal? Yes! Absolutely yes!


This print (above) is perfect for you special someone. As is the card below. I seriously dig that.


This pouch would be perfect for a friend's birthday. Bonus budget points if you fill it with great perfume and makeup samples.


Did you and your honey take a picture by the fire over the holidays? Frame it in this awesome chevron print frame and give it as an anniversary gift.


Did your best friend just agree to be your maid-of-honor? Celebrate with this creative take on those "best friends" necklaces that we all had in junior high.


And just for yourself a great, big, sparkly ring. Just because. This charmer could even make housecleaning more fun.