I love these sweet little bird ornaments--these guys aren't just for the holidays! You could use these as favors and/or attach place cards to them and hang them from branches.


I'm obsessed with grey and with cowl necks. So, what good fortune to find this GORGEOUS cowl neck scarf.


I've always loved the bright color of traditional matryoshka dolls. This needlepoint pendant is a really adorable interpretation.


Lavender sachets are just one of those things that are great to keep around for everything from hostess gifts to freshening up a guest room.


Thinking ahead to holiday gifts, this appliqued tree pillowcase would make a lovely gift for those who like things crafted and handmade.


If this sparkly blue sequined purse doesn't get in my life asap, I'm going to be really upset.


This flower clip is technically for little girls, but I don't care, I want it. This would be so cute with a simple sweater dress.