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Rustic Accents

A fall wreath can give a nice rustic accent to an autumn wedding. This wreath on distressed shutters has a charming appeal!

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Festive Details

Use lots of festive details when picking flowers, bouquets, and wreaths for your fall-inspired wedding. The gourds and pine cones in this fall wreath give an authentic touch to the wedding decor.

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Wreath Seating Cards

It's the little things! These tiny wreaths make an adorable addition to an autumn reception.

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Fun Florals

The deep rich colors of fall florals are oh-so dreamy. These silk floral wreaths are a romantic idea. Just hang them on fishing wire on walls for a gorgeous fall accent at your event.

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Sentimental Wreath

There's nothing better than sweet and sentimental details on your big day. This fall wreath with the couples' initials is such a darling addition!

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A Touch of Green

Have a few wreaths made with different types of greenery for an eclectic statement!

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Flower Blocking

Try making your own fall wreath for your big day and block each flower you use to a certain section. Vary the flowers in color and texture and you'll see it create a swoon-worthy look!

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Festive Fruits

Putting festive fruits with bright colors in your wreath really makes it pop! The bright oranges in this example contrasts well with the greenery.

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Wreath Seating Chart

A wreath doesn't just have to look pretty, it can also have a function. We love this idea of incorporating it into your seating chart. If you're looking for some more fun seating chart ideas check out a few charming ideas we've collected!

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Authentic Twigs Wreath

A wreath with twigs and sticks along dried flowers really screams fall! We love the idea of having a few of these hanging on an accent wall at the reception.