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White Rose & Calla Lily Bouquet

The green berries add a festive pop of color in this deceptively simple bouquet. It's a festive option for the holidays that's fun without being too obvious.

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Jewel Toned Accents

We love how the white roses in this winter bouquet are surrounded by deep burgundy accent flowers. The effect is feminine, romantic and perfect for a snow-covered ceremony in the city.

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Single Stem Bouquet

Sometimes less is more, as is the case with this single stem rose bouquet. For those brides who don't feel comfortable rocking a heavy bouquet down the aisle, a simple white rose is just the ticket.

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Matching Bouquets

There's an easy elegance to these matching white rose wedding flowers that just exudes effortless style. It's like the blooms have been picked straight from the garden.

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White Roses & Sparkle

There is no more glamorous combination than white roses and rose gold dresses for a winter wedding. With this much party power, we're thinking New Year's Eve nuptials are the only way to go.

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Cake Decor

Spread the winter wedding love by adding white rose design details to more than just your bouquets. This cute cake would add just the right amount of romance to a rustic barn wedding.

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Classic Centerpieces

There are so many shades of white and ivory. Add visual interest to your whitewashed floral arrangement by including varying tones and textures. Mixing bright white with muted ecru, fluffy flowers and tight blossoms makes for a swoon-worthy white rose centerpiece.

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Cool Boutonnieres

We can't forget the fellas when it comes to white rose flowers for your winter wedding! The thistle and green berries are a cool combination paired with the classic white rose.

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Winter White Wonderland

When it comes to weddings, sometimes drama is a good thing! This over-the-top white rose ceremony space is one of those times; the flowers make such a mesmerizing statement, your kid cousins will forget to fight over who throws the petals down the aisle.

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Rosy Wedding Dress

There's no way we could forget the DRESS! The rose detailing on the bodice of this strapless beauty is super sweet and flirty and would look lovely paired with a rose flower crown and faux fur wrap.