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DIY Paper Wedding Bouquet
Photo: JAS

DIY Paper Wedding Bouquet

Let's face it: drying real flowers never quite works out the way you'd like it to. They get brittle, lose their color and end up getting crushed in a box. If you'd like to keep your bouquet as a forever keepsake, we're into the idea of paper flowers. This DIY bouquet is feminine, beautiful and looks like the real thing (minus the wilting).

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Crepe Paper Flower Garland
Photo: Lia Griffith

DIY Crepe Paper Flower Garland

These delicate blossoms would look so pretty strung on a wooden rod as a ceremony backdrop or dessert table accessory. Change the colors to suit your own wedding's theme for a truly customized look.

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Festive Chair Accessories

These brightly colored blooms are the perfect way to turn your wedding reception into a full-on fiesta. We love the variety of sizes, shapes and styles arranged together on the backs of chairs (shown here) to add an unexpected burst of color to your dinner tables.

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Candy Colored Floral Fans

Whether it's for your bridal shower or ceremony backdrop, these extra large floral fans provide a major dose of drama to any environment. Opt for all one color if you're going for something more understated or try them all together, as pictured here, for a more vibrant vibe.

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DIY Paper Flower Wreath
Photo: Hello Lucky

DIY Paper Flower Wreath

Make a pair of these eclectic wreaths to hang on the doors of the barn at your farm wedding for an added touch of cute to your rustic wedding.

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Dramatic Red Floral Backdrop
Photo: The Makerista

Dramatic Red Floral Backdrop

For a lush, garden feel, these bright red blooms are exactly what you need. DIY a whole pile of these paper flowers and green leaves to create a tropical paradise around your guest book table, at the altar, or near the dance floor. Your guests will no doubt be selfie-ing themselves nearby all night long.

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Wedding Favor Boxes

We love the idea of adding a bright bloom to a gift box if you're sending your guests off with a bite of something sweet or a personalized trinket. They'll no doubt love the wrapping as much as the present inside!

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Paper Flower Centerpiece

Dare we say the paper flowers in this centerpiece are prettier than the real thing?! How gorgeous are they?! Completely delicate and dreamy— imagine a row of these tiny arrangements lined up on a reclaimed wood with twinkle lights hanging overhead. Perfection.

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Paper Poppy Escort Cards

Give your guests a pop of color with a poppy escort card like this one. They're simple but so eye-catching and we bet you'll see a lot of women with one behind their ear as they get down on the dance floor later that night!

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Paper Flower Boutonniere

Don't leave the dudes out of the paper flower love! These boutonnieres are handsome, festive and won't wilt halfway through the best man speech.