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Winter White

For a winter wedding with an all-white color scheme, go with this branch wreath featuring pip berry garland woven throughout.

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Classic Boxwood

When you picture a classic greenery wreath, you're probably thinking of one made from boxwood (it's one of the most popular wreath components). This particular wreath also has white tea leaf.

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bay leaf wreath
Photo: McFadden Farm

Delightfully Herbal

Not only are wreaths pretty to look at, they can also greet your guests with light, wonderful scents. Herbal wreaths smell lovely, but not overpowering. This one uses bay leaf and rosemary. After the wedding, you can hang it on your own front door or entryway.

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Southern Magnolia

Magnolias and magnolia leaves have such a rich tradition as decor in Southern weddings. This one is actually made of silk leaves, so it will look fresh indefinitely.

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Grassy Lavender

Nothing smells like early summer quite like lavender. This full, grassy wreath would be beautiful on a large door, or as a backdrop for your sweethearts' table.

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pretty succulent wreath
Photo: Market 1023

Sturdy Succulents

Succulents are the darling of boho and Southwest weddings. Hang succulent wreaths on the back of your chairs at the head table to designate your spaces.  

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modern eucalyptus wreath
Photo: Decor 8

Deconstructed Style

Modern brides will love this "deconstructed" wreath concept for their ceremony backdrop. Made from eucalyptus and bamboo, it's an understated accent and ideal for an open loft space.

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Simple DIY

Making your own wreaths can often take a lot of practice, particularly if your materials are delicate or unwieldy. For a DIY beginner that wants to make their own wreath, baby's breath is ideal for an introductory project.

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Modern Geometric

Love the latest trend of metals and geometric details in your decor? This modern wreath is petite, but fabulous. Use one this size to hang above your ceremony programs or in a small space with lots of candlelight (the glow off the copper will be gorgeous).

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Paper Flowers

We're big fans of brightly colored paper flowers. This cheerful wreath would be sensational at either a wedding with a technicolor palette, or at a bridal shower.