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Purple & White Simplicity

 Calla lilies are a dream for the minimalist brides among us. There's an effortlessness to their grace, a simple bouquet made of purple and white, but still quite dramatic. This is a classic color combination and would do well at a winter wedding.

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tall calla lily centerpiece
Photo: Brad Ross

Calla Lily & Hydrangea Heaven

 Their long stems make calla lilies a natural choice for tall, modern centerpieces like these. The different textures, sizes, and dimensions of the blooms and uniform color scheme in these centerpieces make them visually interesting without being overwhelming. We especially love these for a hotel ballroom with high ceilings.

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Creative Lily Boutonniere

 The multi-textured green elements in this boutonniere give it an artsy vibe. If you're getting married at an art museum, try incorporating whimsical touches like the rosemary or moss into your boutonniere for a similarly creative feel.

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Beautiful Bridesmaid Bouquets

 You generous bride, you! Gifting your besties with gorgeous calla lily wedding bouquets like these is such a good choice. If you have more than one favorite flower and just can't decide between the two, do what this smart beauty did and split up your bouquets between you and your ladies. Everyone wins (and looks gorgeous while doing so!).

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Trailing Lily Cake

Chic and sweet? Yes, please! The details here are what make this calla lily wedding cake so striking. The monochromatic stripe, bright green stems and artful trailing arrangement are perfectly executed.

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Romantic Bridal Bouquet

 We're loving this soft, romantic bouquet for a springtime wedding. Those cool green leaves paired with the pastel blooms is such a unique combination— pair this one with a sweet, vintage-inspired dress for an enchanting effect.

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simple calla lily bouquet
Photo: April O'Hare

Single Lily Centerpiece

 There's no more classic centerpiece than a single calla lily submerged in a glass vase. This one in particular is perfect for fall with its deep purple hue. Add a bit of elegance to a rustic barn reception with similar arrangements dotting your family-style tables.

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Classically Simple Boutonniere

 If you'd rather focus on your groom's handsome face than a big boutonniere on his lapel, might we suggest a super simple option like this one? It's classic, complements any color suit, and works just as well at a black tie affair as it does at a casual chapel ceremony.

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Hot Pink Arm Candy

 If you're the kind of bride who likes to turn tradition on its head, try a calla lily bouquet like this one. You're getting the classic shape of the calla lily with the unique shape of the arrangement. And the way you carry it is pretty cool, too.

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lily cake decor
Photo: Pink Cake Box

Autumnal Topper

 This calla lily, rose and hydrangea sugar bouquet looks like quite the cornucopia of fall flowers, does it not? The rich colors, bountiful mix of blooms and artful arrangement is so impressive (and tasty, too!).