white wedding centerpiece with roses and hydrangea

With temps rising across the country, summer is definitely in full swing! For all of you brides planning summer weddings, we have four sensational ideas for centerpieces that are perfect for the season.

A White Oasis

On a hot August afternoon, few things are more peaceful than all-white. Use a bit of color psychology on your guests, imbuing them with a sense of peace and reflection by using white wedding centerpieces on white linens. It looks cool, refreshing, and lends a very zen quality to your reception.

Above, use white and cream flowers together like roses and hydrangea, and then surround them with crystal votives. Especially when paired with white tablecloths and white Chivari chairs, this patio reception looks clean and sophisticated.

white centerpiece with peonies, garden roses, and daisies in a green glass vase
white rose and ranunculus wedding centerpiece

You can also let a little greenery pop through in your white wedding centerpieces. Combine peonies, garden roses, and daisies for a breezy, light centerpiece (above, left).  This simple white ranunculus and rose centerpiece (above, right) is a great height for a ballroom reception--enough height to have a presence, but not so much that your guests are having to push it aside to have a conversation across the table.

This anemone and ranunculus centerpiece (below) is nothing short of beautiful. With its low, cascading style this would be a really lovely option for an outdoor reception at a vineyard or botanical garden to reflect the natural surroundings.

elegant wedding centerpiece with ranunculus and anemones

Lush Green Garden

From opening up the screen door to serving bowls of freshly picked berries, summer is all about bringing the outdoors in. While you can use greenery year round, having greenery during summer emphasizes the colors of the season and will make your reception feel like your own version of The Secret Garden.  We love this chic, tall, leaf arrangement below. It's like a little glass-trunked tree.  Plus, it's a very budget friendly way to make such a large statement.  In this wedding, it is surrounded by floral planter boxes, but you could just as easily fill those boxes with moss and succulents if you wanted all-green centerpieces.

tall wedding centerpiece with green leaves at top of glass vase

A summer wedding under the shade of pine trees sounds like a pretty good idea to us. For your woodsy wedding, bring the forest floor to your tables with moss, tiny flowers, ferns, and stones to create an untamed table runner (below, left). Add candles and glass bell jars to give it a bit of a glow once the sun starts to set.  For something that is both rustic and elegant, go with a large swath of greenery such as eucalyptus leaves and large candles in hurricane lanterns (below, right). This concept would be ideal for an estate wedding with a reception on a lawn on patio.

moss and greenery table runner with bell jars and candles
eucalyptus leaves and large candles down center of long reception tables

Bold & Juicy Brights

Flowers are in full bloom during summer, so why not bring all of that festive color into your centerpieces? For bold brides that adore lively decor, nothing else will do but every-shade-of-the-rainbow florals.  Create spectacular centerpieces with ranunculus, peonies, and parrot tulips (below).

bright wedding centerpiece with peonies, ranunculus, and parrot tulips in reds and pinks

Do you want modern decor elements, and maybe a bit of a DIY project? Tuck succulents into gold pots and then but a layer of neon pink rocks above the dirt (below, left).  Instant. Party.  Decorate a long table with dozens of them in the center at varying heights.

Want to arrange your own bright centerpieces with whatever is at the floral market that day?  Click on the picture (below, right) to link to some great tips for arranging a powerhouse, colorful centerpiece like the ones below.

potted succulents planted in neon pink stones
bright floral wedding centerpieces in yellow, pink, and purple

Summertime Means Playtime

Summer is the season for popsicles, beach trips, and sparklers. So, why not infuse a little whimsy into your summer wedding?  Because there is no better time to have a little fun.  Start with your kids' table and fill it with glow sticks, beach balls, sidewalk chalk, and silly straws (below) and then go from there!

kids' table activities in center of table

Who says your summer wedding centerpieces have to involves flowers? Choose vibrant, playful details instead and build around them. Pinwheels in your wedding colors are super cute. Make oversized ones and use a glass soda bottle as a vase. Surround with lots of confetti in coordinating colors to brighten the table.  Large, round balloons (often referred to as geronimo balloons) are another fantastic option if you want to invite lots of whimsy to your reception. The strings can be adorned with all kinds of streamers, rickrack, and metallic curling ribbon for extra flair (below, right).

wedding centerpiece with paper pinwheels and confetti
pink geronimo balloons as centerpieces at wedding reception

If you want to add a bit of humor, but still want traditional floral arrangements, hide little figurines or decor elements in your centerpieces. For a Key West destination wedding, this couple added pink flamingos (below) to pretty much everything at their reception, from flowers to cake topper.

bright wedding centerpiece with pink flamingos

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