Consider your venue.

Tall and elaborate centerpieces look great in a hotel ballroom, but would completely overwhelm a wine cellar. Before you decide on any floral arrangements, make sure to consider the size and layout of your venue first.

Ask for advice.

Wedding professionals know their respective categories. Floral designers have seen more table arrangements and bridesmaid bouquets than you can even imagine. Don't order your flowers like you are at a drive-thru. Ask them for advice and listen to what they have to say (even if you decide to go in another direction).

Use images to communicate more than specifics.

It's tempting to just point to a pretty picture and ask a florist to recreate the image. But you will probably be a whole lot happier with the end product if you use images to communicate broader strokes. For example, how you like how one arrangement seems light and airy.

Compare your bouquet to those dumbbells you've been ignoring.

Flowers are heavy. It doesn't seem like they should be, but they are. So if you are one of the ladies wanting a ginormous bouquet you had better start hitting the gym to pump some serious iron. And don't forget your poor maid-of-honor having to hold it during the ceremony! Once bouquets hit a certain size they also start looking like a Mother Earth costume rather than a beautiful detail.

Remember to give and donate.

You don't want all of these gorgeous flowers to end up in the waste bin at the end of the night. Encourage the wedding party to either take home table arrangements or find special guests, such as grandmothers and aunts, to give them to. If you are having your wedding at a church, you can donate the ceremony flowers so that the congregation can enjoy them on the following Sunday.



Photo Credit: Abbey Domond