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I'm not convinced that bigger is better when it comes to wedding centerpieces.  Often the elaborately full and high floral creations we see in real weddings keep guests from being able to see each other from across the room, or have any real conversation at their table.  After all, it's pretty hard to talk to someone you can only see through a jungle of roses.  Low centerpieces are still pretty and can pack a powerful statement, but they won't make your wedding feel like it has been taken over by a remake of The Secret Garden.  Here are 5 ideas to make your low wedding centerpieces stand out.

Vintage is still pretty.  When in doubt for your wedding, vintage-inspired centerpieces are always a lovely way to go.  Delicate styling, feminine colors, and antique details ensure that your tables will feel airy and welcoming.

burlap table

Combine a soft, washed burlap tablecloth with wooden bowls with nuts and baskets of willow branches for a farm vibe (above). Or channel a little Victorian inspiration by using teacups and textured milk glass as bud vases (below).

vintage floral centerpiece

Make it colorful.

No matter what your color palette, you can make your low arrangements sing with an infusion of color. Love sherbet tones?  Pair them with succulents and place them on linens that will make your shade pop (below)!

coral flowers and succulents
bright floral centerpieces

All about the pinks?  We love this arrangement that pairs pink peonies and roses with white hydrangeas (above).  For destination weddings, use the colors and flowers that highlight the location. For example, this Hawaiian event infuses bright yellow and purple flowers into their centerpieces for a definite tropical effect (below).

hawaiian on white

Purple weddings are all the rage this year. Risk a little lavender overload by pairing purple arrangements with a purple tablecloth in a slightly different hue (below).

purple centerpieces on purple linens

Vibrant colors aren't for everyone.

Even if you aren't a fan of bright, bold color, you can still use color to your advantage. Low centerpieces look especially magical when done in monochromatic flowers.  The floral arrangements below alternate between coral and white, but notice that the two colors aren't combined into the same arrangement. When paired with a modern navy table runner, these otherwise pale shades look very powerful.

Hawaiian flower centerpieces
delicate floral centerpieces

When it comes to pale flowers, just embrace the frilly. Go with blooms that make easy, low arrangements and put them in small glass jars or silver vases. Remember that these flowers look better as "natural" as you can arrange them.

low with candleholders
white monochromatic centerpiece

And yes, if you want, go all-white. When you choose to go white monochromatic, you can focus on textured by including different flowers (above) or an ordered look with all the same bloom (below).

white hydrangea centerpiece

Use planters rather than vases.

The greatest thing about planting your low centerpieces? They double as presents to hand out to cherished family members and friends. You can go with vintage styling, like they have below, and plant succulents surrounded by jars and candles.

vintage centerpiece in metal planter
wooden floral centerpiece

Or you can go total rustic and use wooden boxes filled with wildflowers or wrapped in utilitarian twine.

wooden planter with succulents

You can even add in a terrarium or two (below)!

planter boxes and terrariums

Focus on rustic elements.

If you don't want your low centerpieces to be floral, they don't have to be. Moss is so fashionable right now, and I'm pretty sure this trend doesn't get any cuter than this mossy bunny (below).

mossy bunnies in centerpiece
small purple floral centerpiece

If you want flowers, but need to stretch your floral budget as much as possible, use rustic elements to add more visual interest without the coast of adding extra blooms. You can wrap your low vases in tree bark (above) or place your Mason jars on a woodcut (below).

rustic floral centerpiece

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