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Dahlias are a romantic, flirty option for summer wedding flowers. And since they're in season in the warmer months, they're sure to be super affordable too!

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Gardenias are an elegant, classic option for summer wedding flowers. They're super fragrant and recall romantic, Southern summers.

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This charmingly casual hydrangea centerpiece would look lovely on long picnic tables for a backyard wedding. Hydrangeas are another great summer flower - these blooms come in shades of white, green and blue as well as some blush and purple options.

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Birds Of Paradise

If you're taking your nuptials somewhere tropical this summer, the bird of paradise is the perfect flower to incorporate those laid-back, beachy vibes into your bouquet.

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Baby's breath wedding bouquets
Photo: Jo Photo

Baby's Breath

For a sweetly simple bouquet, an over-sized bunch of baby's breath is surprisingly chic. And since baby's breath is so widely available, making these bouquets would be an easy and affordable DIY for you and your bridal party.

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This gorgeous lilac bouquet would fit right into a garden wedding theme. Fragrant, feminine and full, it's sure to be a ceremony showstopper.

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Don't overlook unassuming honeysuckle as a summer wedding flower option. Its nostalgic summer scent and delicate white blossoms make for a truly stunning bouquet, especially when used as a supplementary or secondary bloom.

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Summer wedding bouquet with light pink sweet pea flowers
Photo: Erin Kate

Sweet Pea

With a lace ribbon detail, this sweet pea bouquet is girly and romantic — a winning combination for any summer wedding.