brightly colored bridal bouquets

It may seem like pale and muted is all the rage right now, but colorful bouquets are also quite fashionable. You don't want just a "pop" of color, you want an explosion!  Here are some of our favorite bright color trends.

First, nothing says bold like a rainbow of flowers. You can mix many colors like the bouquets above, creating a vivid effect. This is especially popular with brides otherwise using just one major color in their wedding, such as navy or hot pink. The bouquet filled with all different colors adds dimension to the rich tone without completely overpowering it.  Another option is to use brighter earth tones, but in a variety of sizes and textures, such as those seen below. Even though the colors aren't quite as vibrant as those above, they still lend a bold look when paired with a traditional white dress.

colorful wedding bouquets

rainbow themed bridal party

But if you really want to design a rainbow look, maybe you want to consider a more literal translation. Here, these brides have chosen a sunny combo via a wide range of monochromatic colors.  You could also do something similar if you wanted an ombre effect for your bridal party.

rainbow themed bridal party bouquets
red monochromatic wedding bouquet

Speaking of monochromatic, the next technique for creating a bold bouquet is using all of one dramatic color in your bouquet. You can add texture by using different flowers, or you can go steamlined by keeping all blooms identical.  Roses and peonies often do very well for single flower bouquets.  Either way, these solid colors will look gorgeous against your white dress.

monochromatic wedding bouquets
coral monochromatic bridal bouquet
citrus and white wedding bouquet

Third, one of the most modern color palettes you can use to create a bold bouquet are those that are citrus or "sherbet" inspired. These fun shades of coral, pink, lemon, tangerine, and grape are inviting and cheerful.

sherbet bridal bouquets
bright wedding bouquet with coral and pink
sunflower and daisy wedding bouquets
bright paper bridal bouquet

Lastly, our fourth tip is going for alternatives when real blooms just aren't giving you the powerful color you want.  From bouquets that mimic traditional bouquets to completely mod and off-the-wall options, like the oversized flowers below, paper artists can create just about anything. All you have to do is pick your colors!

oversized paper flowers

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