cactus plants for Southwest inspired wedding centerpieces

Normally you try to avoid all things prickly at your wedding (we're talking to you, Great-Aunt Edna), but when it comes to these cute centerpieces, we're unable to resist!  Using cactus, especially for Southwest or fiesta-themed weddings, is not only interesting and pretty, but also very practical. These hearty plants can be gifted and live long past your wedding day.  Another cool thing about cactus plants is how easily they can be transplanted, so place them in vases filled with large beads for your reception and then replant in tiny pots the next day.

pretty cactus centerpieces on top of red and orange tablecloth
tiny cactus plants in small jars by wedding dinner menu

Cacti are available in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes. You can mix and match to create an eclectic desert tablescape (above, left) or use tiny ones to decorate small spaces like the area around your welcome table or dinner buffet (above, right).

bright place settings with individual cacti in goblets

Crazy about cactus plants and their pretty coral flowers?  Use them as place setting decor (which can also double as the guests' favors). Just remember to substitute another type of plant (such as a succulent) on places for child guests.  Because some kids prefer to learn the hard way, but not at your wedding.

glass terrarium wedding centerpiece with cactus and succulents
collection of cactus plants in simple clay pots

Unlike more delicate flowers and greenery, cacti can be used in a variety of different styles. Plant them in a glass terrarium and surround them with moss and succulents (this works well for a low centerpiece at a round table).  You can also create a cool centerpiece down the length of a long family-style table by clumping bunches of terra cotta pots together (above, right). Displaying at varying heights and then surrounding with flowers in bright colors can also give your decor plenty of contrast (below).

cacti in tall glass vase surrounded by bright pink flowers
cactus plants in bright aluminum cans for fiesta wedding

And sometimes the container can be the star of the show!  For a vibrant fiesta wedding, use bright aluminum cans (above).  For a really dynamic touch, think about adding even more texture to your cacti arrangements by using unconventional holders, like shiny ceramic planters, pineapples, and peat pots (below).

cactus plants in different containers and paired with bright flowers

DIY a chic centerpiece by painting half your clay pots white. Then stack on top of each other for a unique twist (below, left). Glam up plain containers by affixing shiny metallic washi tape in your favored design (below, right).

cactus plants in white painted terra cotta pots, surrounded by votives
DIY project with white and gold planter for cactus
flat, round planter filled with cacti and succulents

Looking for a large centerpiece to fill a big round table?  You don't have to go high to make a statement. Have a florist create giant planters for you filled with Southwest plants and flowers.  Whether your palette wants to stick to greenery (above) or delightfully colorful, these planters pack a punch!  And trust us, a few might just disappear mysteriously at the end of the night.

aqua bowl style planter filled with bright cacti flowers

And because we can never resist the chance to show you things that merge cute and sweet, we give you this absolutely adorable cake topper and hand-painted macarons.  So very creative!

cute cactus cake topper
cacti hand painted on blush colored macarons

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