Colin Cowie is party planner to the stars, so it's always a pleasure when he shares his thoughtful wedding day touches with us!


I’m often asked what my favorite wedding details are, and it’s usually too difficult for me to pick. Each one of my brides has her own favorite detail, that special touch that made her wedding unique and special for her, and I could never choose between the things that helped define each of their special days.

When it comes to bouquets, however, the choice is easy. My hands-down favorite is a bouquet of delicate and fragrant Lily of the Valley. It’s simple and elegant and can be used at everything from a rustic country affair to a sleek city ceremony at City Hall.

Surround Lily of the Valley with a cuff of geranium leaves for an arrangement that is beautiful and delicate. The mix of tiny blooms and bright leaves creates an extraordinary combination of scents that will surround you as you make your way down the aisle.

Since Lily of the Valley is one of the world's most expensive flowers, limit their use to your bouquet. For a similar look without the sticker shock, mix a small amount of Lily of the Valley with white spray roses. Keep the geranium leaf cuff for contrast, as well as the beautiful smell.