Colin Cowie is party planner to the stars, so it's always a pleasure when he shares his thoughtful wedding day touches with us!


Vintage, rustic, antique… Details from days gone by are popping up at weddings everywhere. This kind of theme is soft and sweet, as well as a great way to incorporate previous generations into a celebration of your future together.

Mason jars, milk glass and antique porcelain are go-to choices when it comes to designing vintage-inspired centerpieces, but don’t limit your flea market searches to traditional vase-type items. Look for silver boxes about an inch and a half deep and with lids you can prop open – they’re unique vessels that will fit seamlessly into your theme.

To arrange the flowers, cut a piece of floral foam to fit into the box, just below the rim. Soak the foam to saturate it, then gently place it in the box. Choose a flower with a sturdy stem, such as roses or ranunculi, then cut the stems to about one inch long. Tightly pack the blooms in the box by gently pressing the stems into the floral foam. Use a mix of tighter and looser flowers for texture – the looser petals will also add volume and fill up any space between the buds.


I love this arrangement because it’s also low to the table, meaning your guests will be able to see and talk to one another during their meal. Set up vignettes with the boxes and flowers arranged in low silver vases across the length of the table. Don’t forget to scatter votive candles for a wash of warm light.