raw cotton tablescape at welcome table at rustic wedding

Southern brides have been using cotton bolls in their wedding flowers for years, and (much like Mason jars and seersucker suits) the rest of us are finally catching on!  Although you could use cotton for many different themes and color schemes, it lends itself particularly well to rustic affairs. Above, this welcome table is decorated with woodcuts, twine wrapped jars filled with raw cotton, and vintage decor pieces. It creates a soft, neutral tablescape that everyone will be tempted to reach out and touch.

white wedding centerpiece featuring raw cotton, anemones, brunia berries, and dusty miller
pink and white reception centerpiece with garden roses and raw cotton

Cotton can work for any season. Use it to add fluffy white touches to an icy, winter centerpiece filled with ivory anemones, brunia berries, and dusty miller (above, left).  Or take a summery pink arrangement and add raw cotton for a cotton candy effect.  Go simple with a tiny bunch of cotton bolls in an antique bottle.

raw cotton boll arrangement at rustic wedding

On the other end of the spectrum, tall cotton branches in a large vase (below) can create a massive arrangement, perfect for venue entrances and aisle decor.

branches and raw cotton bolls in rustic arrangement at farm wedding
raw cotton boll arrangement in aqua metal case

As much as we love cotton in centerpieces, it is divine in wedding bouquets. Particularly if you are a bride that wants a non-traditional bouquet, cotton can really help tie your elements together. Below, this stunning bridal bouquet filled with succulents, berries, ranunculus, and tufts of cotton, is both modern and traditional.

woodsy wedding bouquet with succulents, berries, and raw cotton

An autumnal version of the same idea, this bouquet below is fuller with more greenery and fruits.

 bride holding autumn themed bouquet with raw cotton, berries, fruit, and greenery
raw cotton and succulent bouquet with crystal rosary wrapped around it

A Southwestern bride would look splendid with this stark beauty (above) that uses cotton to add more white and play against the texture of the crystal rosary.  If you want to use cotton with more traditional blooms (below), it makes a fantastic filler in classic bouquets of roses and peonies.

 bride holding spring wedding bouquet filled with coral roses, succulents, and raw cotton
modern wedding bouquet with feathers, succulents, and raw cotton

Want a bouquet that will truly last a lifetime? This felted flower bouquet uses frothy cotton to give it a round shape and add to its neutral color palette.

faux floral bouquet with felt flowers and raw cotton

The fellas will love a cotton boll boutonniere rather than the usual flower. Add berries or other flowers for a pop of flower or leave it all on its own!

raw cotton boll boutonniere on seersucker jacket
simple raw cotton boll groom's boutonniere

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