bride and bridesmaid laugh during vows under floral installation

Want your wedding flowers to deliver a big dose of "wow" factor?  Consider using floral installations or backdrops in your decor. These artistic and impressive details give your venue an untamed garden vibe (even if you're indoors)!

Below, while most DIY brides will still need someone else to create these awesome faux chandeliers, they will still love their crafty flair. One part macrame and one part flowers equals a boho hanging installation with serious maker appeal.

crafty two tone macrame chandelier with flowers flowing from center

For a more modern and glam look, hang flower-wrapped geometric details (below, left) above your tables. Or, to add extra color, weave bright blooms in with cheery balloons to create an arch above the corners of your urban loft venue (below, right).

gold geometric shapes with small colorful flowers and greenery hung from hot pink string
balloon and flower arch over cake table in loft wedding venue

We love ceremonies in the round, and this one below is accented with a stunning faux chandelier with vines of wine-colored flowers draped from a large hoop.

large floral faux chandelier hangs over ceremony in the round

Okay, time for a reality check. We know that most wedding budgets aren't going to allow for this veritable shower of flowers cascading from this cathedral ceiling (below).  But you could certainly do something similar but on a smaller scale, such as in the entrance to your venue.

elaborate floral installation inside of large cathedral

Even though floral installations work well for any wedding theme and style, they do especially well when you want to soften an industrial or modern venue, such as these brick walls below.  Use lush, full greenery to maximize volume!

swag of white flowers and greenery hanging over monochromatic white table

Some venues, like large tents or ballrooms, benefit from breaking up the room into smaller areas.  You can create virtual walls by having your hanging installations placed so that they start to touch the centerpieces below.  Use battery-powered candlelight (because an open flame in this forest o' greens is just asking for a mishap) and white flowers to brighten up the dense greenery.   Also, bear in mind that not every area of your venue has to have hanging installations. Most of the time this is a statement piece reserved for one section, and is then balanced throughout the venue with full centerpieces.

floral installation cascades down towards white floral centerpieces

Scared that your rustic venue is going to end up looking like the Footloose prom (not that there's anything wrong with that--it was fabulous) rather than your elegant wedding?  Combine large bulb string lights with greenery installations to achieve minimalist perfection.

rustic wedding venue with string lights and greenery arch

When decorating your venue walls is your biggest decor obstacle, use elaborate and oversized floral backdrops instead of hanging installations. This branch and flower option below frames an adhesive stencil on a chalkboard wall (very modern-meets-vintage).

swag of branches with pink and white flowers over adhesive stencil

Greenery backdrops shaped into right angles can be used to create smaller spaces and intimate seating areas. Use only flowers and greenery, or combine with other decorative elements like window panes, shutters, or reclaimed corrugated steel siding (below, right).

flowers and greenery draped over corner
small floral installation with modern loft elements
floral installation and large string lights wrapped around wooden hexagon structure

This chic backdrop comprised of orchids and succulents is held up by a wooden honeycomb structure and industrial string lights.  Gorgeous in front of floor-to-ceiling windows, you could use the structure long after your wedding day.

white flowers hang in front of bold gold and white striped curtain

For an unforgettable photo backdrop, hang large blooms over a piece of modern fabric, such as this gold and white striped curtain.

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