As with most wedding vendors, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. Here are a few quick tips:

Do your research ahead of time. Whether from their own websites or real weddings, check out examples of their work. When you meet with your florist, make sure to discuss not only your wedding colors and your favorite flowers, but also the theme of your ceremony and reception and the mood you are hoping to achieve. The more insight you give, the more they can lend you their expertise.

Be prepared with examples. When you visit wedding blogs or thumb through wedding magazines, save the pictures of bouquets and arrangements that have the kind of feelĀ you are looking for your wedding to have, even if it's not the exact colors or flowers you want. You don't need to overwhelm your florist with countless images, just pick between 5-10, and be able to explain why you like them.

And also a few anti-examples. Do you truly hate carnations with every fiber of your being? Do you loathe centerpieces with a lot of greenery? Be armed with a few examples of what you don't like and why. This will help the florist to know what to avoid.